Love hurts

Amazing how happy a man can be when his favorite team wins.


When doing our Saturday cleaning, I finally threw away a branch of old shriveled mistletoe my husband had plucked from a tree in our yard.  He had mounted it above the kitchen sink.

When I saw it there, I asked, “Do you really need that as an excuse?”


Two years ago, I bought my husband a shotgun.

Back in November, he bought me ear protection.  We never did go out shooting, though.  I think he got sick.

Finally, yesterday morning, we went to a shooting range and fired that gun for the first time.  He shot skeet, and used up most of the one box of ammo we brought.  Fritz had baseball tryouts in the early afternoon, so we had only a bit of time left.  My husband offered to buy more ammo, but I thought the two shots left would be enough for this time.  I just wanted to know how to load and fire the gun.

If you’ve never shot before, the people showing you how to load the gun, chamber a round, keep your finger on the side until you’re ready to fire, place the butt in the pocket between your arm and torso, keep both eyes open and your cheek against the stock, and line the target up with the sight, might fail to mention that you have to put most of your weight on your front foot.

Just so you know, if you don’t do that, you might fall over backwards.

I managed to catch myself, but, boy, what a kick.

And, that pocket between the arm and the torso where you placed the butt of the gun?  The same force that wants to throw you backward is also exerted on your shoulder there.  I only shot two rounds, but I can feel them today.  Not sure I want to shoot an entire box.  Ouch.


Is it Monday again already?  I’m trying to figure out what time I should make my happy Packers fans get out of bed.  It’s events like these that make me want to live on the West Coast.

4 thoughts on “Love hurts

  1. It's amazing how sad he can be when your husband's favorite team loses…and by stupid mistakes.

    Hard to pull happy fans out of bed, but even harder for disappointed fans to get up the next day.

  2. Well, Jenn, we've definitely been on your side of the fence more often than not. I have felt your pain. You have my condolances.

  3. The kids were commenting today that if we were still in Hawaii, the game would have been at noon. I TOTALLY miss living there since that meant football was either during Mass or while I was making brunch. For me, that timing was easier to tolerate.

    Hope your arm feels better soon!

  4. Little Brother cried when I woke him up this morning and told him the outcome of the game! I think he wishes he lived farther west so he'd have gotten to see more of it before bedtime.

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