Grown up toys are way better than any kid toy.  And I got a toy for Christmas.

This is the first picture I took with my new camera.  I hadn’t figured out how to turn on the “live view” so I had no idea at what I was aiming.  Bill pointed out to me that there was a viewfinder – oh, duh.
My next shot was at the table to my left and I got this picture of a camel’s rear end and an overturned train car.  The clarity had me all giggly.
I spent my day reading the quick start guide – half of which made no sense to me (aperture size…shutter speed…), but I practiced all the point and shoot features.

Good looking faces.  They look good in real life.  I’ve never had a camera that did them justice.

Some of our ornaments.  I’m loving being able to focus on the one object among many others.

My dog did not like all the whirring and clicking.  I tried to get a better shot of her, but she hid under the porch swing. 

Did you have a white Christmas?  Obviously, we did not.  I rather enjoyed sitting outside playing with my camera.  We might get some sleet tomorrow, but then the temps go back up.  Yes, I am rubbing this in.  I’ll be back up in the cold before you know it.

This picture is my slippered foot.  I was practicing moving the point of focus to something off-center.
This is my favorite picture – the last one I took.  I had to concentrate the focus area to a smaller size to get past the rails of the deck and to the nails on the handrail by the steps. 
I never thought a camera would make me so happy.  I’m so glad to have a husband who spoils me because I never would have bought this camera myself.  In a month or so, expect lots of pictures of me as I practice the timer thing-y.  In order to replenish our savings account, I’ve decided to eliminate our grocery budget.  I should look rather svelte by spring.

7 thoughts on “Giddy

  1. I'd highly recommend the book understanding exposure if this is your first DSLR camera. It's a big help in understanding how to take great pictures. I got my DSLR almost three years ago and I love it. There's nothing better than a camera that can capture your child before she runs away.

  2. I got a camera too! It's been almost a year since I've had a functioning one, and this one is definitely a fabulous one. Time to re-study what I learned in that photography class I took…shutter speed and such.
    However, I hardly got to take any pictures because Middle Sister kept making off with my camera.

  3. Karen, thanks for the book recommendation. It's on my birthday wish list.

    Barb, my new camera is definitely a “no-touch” item for the kids. MINE, I keep saying.

  4. Michelle, Middle Sister will be 15 tomorrow, so I do allow her to touch it. My brother-in-law has a way more fabulous camera than this and he has shown her how to use it–so she is actually showing me how some of the things work on mine!
    Little Brother, on the other hand, must keep his hands OFF. I'm going to let him have the crummy little digicam I've been using since April when my old camera bit the dust.

  5. Great pictures! What kind of camera is it??

  6. You are going to LOVE that camera.

    No wait a minute. You already do.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. YAY!! Congrats! I got the Nikon D90 w/ the 50mm 1.8 lens about a month ago and I LOVE it. It was on my wish list for a while. It takes such great indoor pictures. I take most of my pics on the no-flash setting, until I get better at the manual setting. Can't wait to see what other pics you take!

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