Quitting Time

I have reached that point.

Gingerbread houses?  Yeee…NO.

This child’s favorite cookies?  No.

That new recipe that looks so good?  No.

This perfect gift?  No.

That box of decorations?  No.

The homemade red velvet vests I’ve been promising the boys for years?  Again, no.

My cards are here, and I will be sending them out.  I have wrapping to do.  And mailing.  And we always decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.

But my house will not be perfectly clean and tidy and decluttered.  We will have a variety of cookies, thanks to a cookie exchange but not my own baking.  And I’m not sure how elaborate Christmas Eve dinner will be.  Fish sticks are looking mighty good right now.

I learned long ago that the point at which the preparations are more stress than fun is the time to stop and call it quits.  What’s done is done.  Now it is time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

5 thoughts on “Quitting Time

  1. I'm about at that point myself.

  2. Your sister came! Fish sticks are just fine! You know? Because frankly none of the kids are even going to remember the magical perfect Christmas we pulled off that one time where the cookies were baked and the tree was decorated and the stockings were hung yada yada yada. They will rememder the year of the fish stick though! Or when the tree fell over. Or the cookies burned. Or the litte one found all the presents hidden in moms closet- yes this one actually happened a few years ago…

  3. Amen to Margaret's Amen!!!

  4. Delurking to say, ohhhh man, do I ever know what that point feels like! My husband is watching me with a nervous eye…

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