The Great White South

My children have been lamenting their horrid lot in life.  They’ve been feeling deprived…poor unfortunate souls.  Their cruel parents have forced them to live in a place where it does not snow.  How ever would they survive the winter? 

So, when it did snow yesterday, I had to take a picture to prove to them that, so far, not a winter has passed them by without some white stuff. 

Don’t you see it filling the sky?  No?  Look really closely.  You might see some white streaks…

 We even had some accumulation.  On the porch furniture.  See it?

 Here’s a close up.  It’s not sand…it’s snow.  I assure you.

As I went through the winter clothes bucket, I found these Lands End boots.  They are infant size 6, and Mary is a size 7.  It seems pointless to donate them to the local thrift store, don’t you think? 

I can’t think of any little girls who live in colder climes.  If you or anyone you know needs them, please email me.  They are free to a good home.

6 thoughts on “The Great White South

  1. I would happily trade our snow for yours this very instant. My children would be happy to be deprived of snow. They're the kind of kids who get bundled up to play in the snow only to ask if they can come back inside within 5 minutes.

  2. I don't think I can use them. 🙂

  3. I don't think I can use them. 🙂

  4. We had a few flakes in our part of Georgia yesterday too. I saw one, but my husband saw a few more. He was so happy, I think it made his year!

    We were on our way to Mass when we passed a car hauler, obviously coming from points north as the cars were covered with snow. If we weren't racing to get to Church on time, we would have stopped to get pictures.

  5. We already have that size snowboot for Julia Ellen and she was out using them yesterday! We got slammed with about 11 inches of snow in southern Virginia- the most anyone here has seen in a very long time.

    My kids go out and have to be hauled back inside before they get frostbite.

  6. If you haven't found someone to give those pink boots to, I could take them off your hands. My daughter wears a size 6, but is squeezing into a 5 because I didn't want to order new ones. We haven't seen the ground since before Thanksgiving here. Your kids would love it…until they got cold.

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