Spending 15 minutes discussing the realist’s perspective on world affairs and how that perspective conforms or not with Catholic teaching on the nature of man and whether or not states are sentient beings and how an individual’s value system affects his country’s behavior, while very interesting, is not at all what I had in mind when I said that we really needed to carve out some time every evening to talk.

Intelligent conversation: CHECK.

Azimuth check on how we’re spending the weekend: INCOMPLETE

3 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Had to smile at this and agree, it's not what I would have in mind either.

  2. Ah, yes. Like father, like son. Suggest he call Dad on his way home at night & they should be able to get these things off their chests by the time Bill gets in the door. I'm not doing too well in the glazed-eye department, myself.

  3. Ha…

    And I am totally cribbing “azimuth check”…it's a brilliantly succinct way of referring to it.

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