Birthday presents

Back in March, Katie was upset about something and decided that all her personal issues with life hinged upon the fact that WE (her father and I) NEVER get her ANYTHING that she requests for Christmas or her birthday. Ever. That’s right. We make every effort we can to spoil her days and make her cry.

So, I told her that from then on, all requests for gifts would have to be made in writing, signed in blood, sealed and filed for future reference.

Several weeks ago, with a birthday looming, I requested her list.

“TWO pages?” I asked, incredulous, as I stared at her notebook.

“Actually, it’s three,” she replied and turned the page.

“Uh, you need to rank them. Give me your top 3 to 5. And I make no promises…” I warned. With the finalized list in hand, I sat down at the computer to shop.

Umbrella. OK.

Backscratcher. Hey, if a $3 gift floats your boat, no problem.

LEGOS. Yes, 99% of the LEGOS we have a very boy-like. Of course, 99% of the LEGOS made are very boy-like.

And last, but not least, the item she wanted most and which elicited the greatest shouts of glee: Silly Bandz. And she immediately opened the package and put all 27 of them on her arm. Whatever.

She is 9. Half of my children are halfway (or more) to adulthood.

Happy birthday, Katie.

7 thoughts on “Birthday presents

  1. Happy birthday, Katie! I have to say that you got lucky with the price range on her wish list!

  2. Ugh, why did you have to point out that a nine year old is half way to adulthood? Now I need to go somewhere and freak out that my oldest child will be halfway to 18 in less than a month.

    I love her wish list. Nine year olds ask for some odd things don't they? Mine wants a weather station so she knows that the temperature is outside (Walking 20 feet to my bedroom to look at the one we have in there is too difficult, I suppose.). She also wants Legos.

  3. Our 9-year-old daughter was tired of all of the boy Legos too. She's now into the houses — with requests on the last birthday and Christmases to us and grandparents she now has 3 of them. She's already pointed out that each one has 3 different floor plans, so she could get them each again and do a different design! She loves the bin of pink Legos they now sell too.

  4. You gotta love 9 year olds (and almost 9 year olds). My oldest daughter turns nine in one week.

    Happy Birthday, Katie!

  5. You crack me up!! I do not exactly want to be the Mom that buys into the silly bandz, but I'm thinking there will be some packs in stockings for Christmas. Cheap and happy.

  6. As the mother of a 9-year-old girl, I get this post.

  7. Too cute. Love the list — both of them. I can imagine Faith's would be just like it, except with a princess Barbie thrown in for good measure.

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