Guess you had to be there

Indecent wet t-shirt

A woman at a splash park was told that she was dressed indecently when her t-shirt got wet. She was wearing a bra underneath. The person who approached her told her she had to put on a bathing suit.

Because bathing suits these days are so much more decent than bras and wet t-shirts.


3 thoughts on “Guess you had to be there

  1. That always makes me wonder. It's okay to wander around in a bikini that covers LESS than a bra and underwear. Yet not okay to see a bra and underwear. Hmmm.

  2. Who knows what was showing when she got wet…probably nothing you don't see every day. But the way they treated her was horrible, horrible. I hope she sues the pants off everybody and wins. I respect law enforcement, but some of these guys are bloated with their own power.

  3. Hmmm. Yeah. Just got back from a vacation in Hungary where most of the co-vacationers were Germans. Saw a woman change out of her bikini on the beach by putting her bra on over the bikini top (right there in front of God and everybody) which promptly completely HID the bikini which she the untied and removed. Then she added the t-shirt.

    And never mind the sheer blouses that many women wear where the whole point seems to be to display the bra or camisole underneath…

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