Not Ready

My 12 year old is acting like he’s 2. He found his dad’s shoes and has slipped them on.

They fit.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go cry now.

12 thoughts on “Not Ready

  1. I remember being there, too! Here's a hankie and a hug!

    Now my husband is the one crying because his 12 year old's feet are bigger than his!

  2. Aw, here's a cyber hug for you. We're just crying because our 12 year old is taller than me, and will definitely be taller than his dad before year's end. Oh, and he could be handing down his pants to Gary, if only Gabriel would gain a little weight around the midsection. ;D

  3. I know how you feel, I can share shoes with my 11 year old. It does give me a wider choice of shoes anyway.

  4. I hear ya! My just turned 15 year old just passed up his dad in height. That makes him an even 6 feet already!!!

  5. Sending you cyber hugs and a pat on the back and a friendly reminder to save some tears for when he can drive. 🙂

  6. My 14-year old has bigger feet than his Dad. And when hubby got home a few weeks ago for his mid-tour leave, son was 1/2 inch taller than Dad. Who is this man and what is he doing in my house…???!!

  7. Yup. I told Matty the other day, “Why don't you just borrow Dad's shoes if you can't find yours?”

    “Uh, Mom? Because they're TOO SMALL!”

    It's just not right.
    He turns 13 tomorrow.
    Size? 12
    Oh boy.

  8. Laura…. 14-year old, size 13….what you have to look forward to!

  9. Ohhh… that is tough. My 8 yo wears a size 3 (small for his age). But his Dad only wears a size 8 — so it won't be long. 😦

  10. My 13 year old girl, my fourth, is the first child to surpass me and her sisters in height, shoe size, etc. I have to buy all new shoes for her, whereas we had passed down a lot of stuff in the past. And most skirts we find are way too short, even if they are OK for me (and I like them on the long side). And her feet are still growing….

  11. Aww. We love having them around so much. Wait till he's about to leave for the other side of the country to go to college. (!) That's what I'm facing.

  12. Been there!! Hugs!! (and thanks for the smile and memory)

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