Lost and found

I love that Netflix keeps your history of movie rentals and returns. Or not returns.

The Tale of Despereaux. Shipped 4/30/09. Purchased 8/8/09.

I don’t even know if the kids watched it before it disappeared. Vanished without a trace.

I just now found it. Three hundred sixty-nine days after purchase. After having packed, moved and unpacked an entire house.

Buried in the stack of blank, writeable CDs. Of course.

Wonder if they would give me my money back if I returned it…

2 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. I bought a couple of movies that my wife ordered thru Netflix, but I still have never seen them tho.

  2. I think they have a six month rule, but their customer service is amazing…i'd try it, you never know…We have paid for and been reimbursed for 2 found movies so far…

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