Party Menu

I ran this menu by Bill who said it was fine. I asked him if he could think of anything else, and he said no. He’s not much help. What do you all think? Some guests may be bringing dishes, too. I’m estimating about 30 adults and 25 kids.

Main dishes:
Mojo Chicken
BBQ Chicken (using a homemade sauce I have leftover from the ribs I recently made)
Grilled Steak Salad (scroll down for the yummy recipe)
Hot dogs (mostly for the kids)

Side Dishes:
Tomato-Basil-Asparagus Pasta Salad (just add Italian dressing)
Texas Caviar with Tortilla Chips (must find recipe…)
Fruit Tray with Marshmallow Fluff/Cream Cheese Dip
probably some other chips

Brownies (3 different kinds)
Margarita Cupcakes (I have to try these, just have to)

Beer (of course, but having difficulty finding a good one, of course)
Various Soft Drinks
Tequila Mojitos (recipe to follow soon)
Margarrritas (thanks, Barb)
And I think I’ll have everything I need to make the Blueberry Pomengranite Margaritas that Kris left a recipe for in the combox.

And when I went to get the link for the Margarrritas, I saw Barb’s Strawberry Margarita Pie. I don’t know how I can’t make that, too.

Is this enough variety or I am way too heavy on the tequila?

12 thoughts on “Party Menu

  1. I would say maybe another veggie of some kind? A salad or veggie tray?

    Other than that, sounds great! Wish I could come! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, and definitely not too heavy on the tequila–you can never have too much!
    LOL– seriously though, it's nice to have a theme that stretches over different courses.

  3. Looks like a good menu to me. What time should all of your blog readers arrive?

  4. The answer depends on whether I'm invited! Looks wonderful — have you made the Mojo Chicken before?

  5. Oooo, oooo – I have the Texas Caviar recipe to die for – emailing it to you……!!

  6. NEVER too heavy on booze! LOL

    I think it looks good, maybe add a veggie tray for peckish pre-meal??

  7. You are obviously trying to kill me with all of your yummy margarita references. How many weeks pregnant are you allowed to start drinking again? πŸ˜‰

  8. Ooohh! Trying not to drool on my keyboard!

    It is wonderful to see that you have settled in so well. That's quite a horde you will have!

    I'll pray for good weather for you.

    Sending lots of love.

  9. Veggie tray…possible…

    I would definitely be up to hosting a blogger party. Just tell me when. Much better than the office party we're having.

    Never had the Mojo chicken…I'm getting daring in my old age and making things for the first time FOR the party. I figure if it's no good, they can just have another margarita.

    Kris, thanks for the recipe. Texas caviar is like potato salad: no 2 recipes are alike.

    Rachel, I am 100% positive that the alcohol in the desserts “burns off” somehow. Even in the freezer.

    I think the weather will be typical May for GA: hot.

  10. definitely add a green salad and/or a potato salad…or prod one of the invitees to bring these…

  11. At least 3 or 4 people have said they would bring something. Do you think people are more likely to bring a side or a dessert?

  12. From my experience, people will often annoyingly (sorry) bring a dessert when a nice salad was expected…I guess I shouldn't look gift foods in the mouth, so to speak….

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