My last year without a teenager

Today is Fritz’s 12th birthday. He was born at 3:30 AM after 46 hours labor. Back labor. Prodromal back labor.

He was worth every minute of it. Still is. Most days. I do find myself occasionally telling him to stop acting so twelve.

His favorite food is tacos, and he would have been happy eating them at home or at Taco Bell. Instead, we went on Friday evening to a local Mexican restaurant. Some of us (me) were just not going to eat at Taco Hell. Fritz was very happy with the restaurant. He had…tacos.
For his birthday dessert, he wanted to go to the local ice cream shop for cones. We went after lunch today and took our friends along, too. He had a waffle cone (special treat) with “chocolate fetish” ice cream.

Notice the storm clouds in the background of the photo? A few minutes later, it poured. Then it was sunny. Then it poured. It kept going back and forth like that all day long.

After the ice cream, we went to Target so he could pick out a small present. We got him a new bike a few months ago with the clear understanding that it was an early birthday present. I did, though, promise him a chance to pick something out this month. He selected a flag football set with enough flags for 4 on 4. You might notice 6 boys in that photo above, plus 2 dads and they’re all set.

We also spent some time in the shoe department. 5 of my 6 kids needed shoes. Fritz’s new sneakers are size 8. I realize that may not be that big for a 12 year old boy, but since he’s replacing worn out size 6’s that we bought a few months ago, it’s a big deal to me.

Guess who did not need new shoes? Guess who had no trouble finding plenty of shoes she wanted? We did manage to return them all to the shelves, but guess who was really disappointed when everybody had a shoe box in the car and there was none for her?

I almost caved and bought the pink sparkly ballet flats, but they didn’t have them in my size.

Fritz also received $20 from my parents who were visiting this weekend, and a dollar from my brother, Glenn. I love that my brother assumes that all his nephews and nieces adore him. In most adults, that would be obnoxious, but for a man with Downs Syndrome, it is rather cute.

Fritz chose to not spend his cash on other toys. He’s saving his money. I think he wants to buy a canoe.

His favorite color is blue.

He likes art and geography and history. He does not like Latin or English or math.

He loves baseball.

He talks about getting married and having children in a theoretical way. Practically speaking, though, he could live without girls. Except his mom, of course. And Mary. He dotes on Mary.

This is Fritz. He is twelve.

8 thoughts on “My last year without a teenager

  1. Well Happy Birthday, Fritz. My oldest will be 12 in 6 months. He also loves him some tacos, and would probably buy a canoe if he had the money.

  2. Ah, those golden, halcyon days of twelve. Enjoy these days because soon he will be thirteen and you will think, “I have five more of these to go.”

  3. Happy birthday! He sounds like a wonderful boy. Don't worry about the teen years. They aren't that bad. In fact, they are mostly quite nice. Plus, they finally like to sleep!

  4. Happy Birthday to Fritz! I like his realistic goal of saving for a canoe. My 8 year old has been saving all of her money for a couple years now so she can buy a car and a house. Sigh. The kid really took it to heart when I told her she'd have to move out some day.

  5. He sounds like a great kid! Happy birthday, Fritz!

    And hmm, Taco Hell! Thought I was the only one who called it by that name 🙂 Although my kids are converting their friends. LOL!

    You'll survive the teenage years with your boys a lot easier than you will with your girls (if my kids are any indication.)

  6. Happy Birthday Fritz! A box is on its way.

    You must ask your Aunt Margaret to make you tacos the next time she goes down to Georgia – they are really good.

    Saving for a canoe,eh? I'll let everyone know that you have a goal in mind.

    Ah, yes. Latin, English & Math. You have my sympathies with subjects you don't like. Well, the Latin will make English easier. The English will help you to be understood by others & it is really necessary for understanding directions. As for Math, you are going to need that for things like orienteering. Not only does Aunt Margaret make a mean taco, she's a whiz at Math & is a great source of things to help make it easier to understand & remember.

    It sounds like your birthday was a lot of fun. We wish we could have been there!


    Nana (& Grandpa)

  7. Happy Birthday Fritz!!
    Target is the best birthday trip (after Tacos and ice cream..)

  8. I know. It's just not right that my chubby baby boy is now 5'9″, skinny and angular, and has a deep voice, size 12 feet and plays a rockin' guitar solo. He'll be 13 in August. I don't think I can do this. HELP MEEEEEEE!

    Happy birthday to Fritz. I've always loved that name!

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