Burning questions

Anybody going to the Laura Berquist workshop this Friday at the CHS Catholic Homeschool Conference? I’ll be there, although I’m doubting my sanity after I saw how far away it really is. And that I’ll hit Atlanta at rush hour (and I’ll need to get to the other side). Good thing I have Jersey plates on my car (and a smashed taillight to show you shouldn’t mess with me).

Now. Serious question. Does anybody know how to prevent spiral bound books from becoming unspired? Over time and lots of flipping, the spiral is getting unwound on my many school references and checklists. This.drives.me.nuts. Suggestions? They are mostly plastic, so I can’t kink the ends. Surely there exists somebody who had gotten more annoyed than I and had figured out a way to prevent that. I spend all day rewinding the spires (really, no hyperbole at all).

9 thoughts on “Burning questions

  1. Two thoughts although I haven't done either 1. have them rebound in a different format 2. Heat pliers on the stove and crimp the plastic ends.

  2. I sure hope someone has figured that out, because I'd like to know, too! Maybe burn/melt the end so it's stuck to the last spiral, kindof like you would would when finishing the end of nylon rope so it doesn't unravel … very smelly & I haven't tried it, so don't try it near anything important … maybe use an old workbook, too. On second thought, I hope someone has a better idea that' tried & tested.

  3. Why don't you just duct tape the end to the last spiral?

  4. Well darn, I was hoping your commenters would have the answer, so I eagerly clicked! Can't help you with the spirals…hate them, and I spend the same amount of time respiraling.

  5. While I don't know the cost, I believe both Office Depot & Staples do some sort of spiral binding – I don't know why they couldn't re-bind. They may use those bindings that wrap around & go through the holes – maybe not long-lasting but cheaper.

    You may be able to buy metal spirals online & re-do them yourself. Paper Wishes may have something.

    If you need them to last awhile, then Rachel's idea to rebind in a different form may be the answer.

  6. Need a place to stay this weekend? I'm not going to the conference (too many sports, no husband -you know the drill). But we'd love to host you!!!

  7. “Good thing I have Jersey plates on my car (and a smashed taillight to show you shouldn't mess with me).” I love this line. That's hilarious. Stay safe driving:-) Wish I had the answer on the spiral binding.

  8. My FIL suggests hot glue or other thick glue on the ends. Good luck with the traffic. 😉

  9. But how was the conference????

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