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Congratulations to Amanda at Whimsically Plucky who was the only person to guess that I was an F and also happened to get the other letters correct as well. The practical example we were given for determining T or F was: “If a friend calls and says she’s having a crisis, what do you do?” T’s will ask lots of questions and decide the best course of action. F’s will rush over immediately. Last month, I was on the phone with my neighbor and friend when she dropped the phone crying out her toddler son’s name. “Help me, Michelle,” she said. I waited for a bit, uncertain what to do. “Call 911,” she finally managed. I immediately did so, and gave all the information I could. And then what? I rushed right over – on foot – even though the tenth of a mile or so would be faster traveled by car. This is an F knee-jerk reaction.

BTW, the toddler had a seizure brought on by a fever. He’s fine. You see how I have to reassure you? That’s my F-ness, too.

My complete personality type is an INFP: Idealistic, loyal to their values and to people who are important to them. Want an external life that is congruent with their values. Curious, quick to see possibilities, can be catalysts for implementing ideas. Seek to understand people and to help them fulfill their potential. Adaptable, flexible, and accepting unless a value is threatened.

Interesting that only Amanda and Barbara got the P part right. I’m not a J, believe it or not. I was, in fact, the only P in my small group. The facilitator asked what we had done to get ready for the trip to Kansas. J’s will strive to take care of every little thing well in advance. Now, I did have to do some prep work. One cannot just up and leave 6 children at home without making plans. However, when it came to things that affected only myself – for example: packing – I was not as premeditative. One woman in my group started packing a week before. I packed an hour before we left for the airport. My husband, who is my complete opposite (an ESTJ), also packed an hour before we left, because he had not had time beforehand. The difference? This really bugged him, but I cared not one whit. Did we leave things behind? Yes, but nothing truly important.

Learning about the Meyers-Briggs personalities with moderators who understand the types is very helpful. I learned much about my personality, my husband’s personality, how we work together, and how we function under stress. Interesting to note that, when under stress, we actually tend to behave in ways characteristic of our opposite type. The thinking types will get overly emotional. Spontaneous people will cling to schedules. Based on the test taken at 10 pm the night before, I actually came up an ISTP, almost an ISTJ. My personality has not changed from my high school and college days when I was an INFP. Rather, the answers that swayed my results demonstrated the lingering effects of the deployment, our 900 mile move, and my current stresses about finishing the school year and dealing with new people, places and responsibilities.

Also, the results I got as a young adult were more valid than those I would get now anyway. Over time, we develop behaviors that are successful. We get burnt by Friend A’s constant problems and learn to step back. We know if we don’t make a list, we will over spend or not be able to have the dinner we want this week. Had I left my mother with 6 children and an empty fridge, I doubt she would be happy to ever help me out again.

So, Amanda, congratulations again on a good guess or an astute awareness. Email me your address so I can get some yummy chocolate out to you. Let me know if you have a preference for milk or dark.

And I’d love to hear everybody else’s personality types.

11 thoughts on “My personality

  1. While I can't give you Dad's because he never took Meyer's-Briggs, I can tell you mine. Are you surpised that I am an ESTP?

    When I find my stuff at home, it will be interesting to see how much alike Bill & I really are.

  2. I have got to share this story with you now…last year my baby was hospitalized for my birthday and I was miserable all day. My husband wanted to make this birthday better so he went out and bought me a gigantic bag of Lush bath products and a box of Godiva chocolate. He had been hiding them both in our basement storage room because I rarely go there. This was back when the weather was excruciatingly hot for some reason, and apparently the basement wasn't cool enough to keep all that yummy Godiva from melting into little swirly brown blobs. I'm so, so excited that I get new Godiva to replace my melted blobs. 🙂 Thank you!!

  3. I thankfully blogged because otherwise I'd never remember: ISFJ

  4. I thought I had you pegged. 😉
    Pfft. What do I know?

  5. ISFJ for me. But I'm borderline “E” – depends on the situation. I have become more “I” as I have gotten older. I think that has to do with parenting so many children – I shy away from other social obligations and chaos, because I have enough interaction at home!!

  6. Thanks for the link, it was fun trying to remember what I am and then find out what that means. INTJ? From your description, definitely not F, although I do love an F when I'm having a crisis.

    I wonder, if our personality type really set in stone, or does it change and adapt to different stages in life, none being definitive for all time, but any being an explanation for my actions now? This being the relativist reading of personality types, I guess. Going to check out that mom style thing.

  7. A great book to read on personality types is Personality Plus by Florence Litauer. Excellent explanation of temperaments. Inludes a great test to take. Very anecdotal. She has another one out called Personality Plus for Parents. Good for helping see what kind of kid you have, and how to parent them based on their temperament vs. yours.

  8. Now I know why I'm drawn to your blog Michelle. My hubby is an INFP also. Though he's rather on the border for both I/E and P/J. I'm what I guessed for you (having no clue)–ISTJ although I'm sometimes an F.
    Another great book (secular, but still helpful) is Nurture by Nature by Tieger.

  9. How funny! I am also an INFP!

    Most people think I am a J because I have an opinion on everything! It's funny because I always pack for trips at the last minute – and I don't worry too much about it either.

  10. I am ISFJ, but really close to ISTJ. And the “I” is only getting more intense as time goes on! Probably in 20 years I'll be content to be a total hermit.

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