setting goals

Crazy Friend #1 called me the other day. “Do you want to run in the Army Ten Miler?”

Boy, do I. There is nothing better than a big race to prep for that keeps you motivated to run. One tiny problem: my foot hurts when I run. The injury goes back four years (and when you blog about things like this, you can look it up and tell a doctor the exact day it happened). I had another x-ray on the foot two weeks ago, and the doctor put me in for an MRI, so perhaps it’s something fixable. We’ll see.

I would have to register in a few weeks for the Army Ten Miler or the tickets will be all gone, so I can’t wait to see how the foot problem resolves itself. As I waffled on what to do, Crazy Friend #1 told me that Crazy Friend #2 was going to do it. Oh, the peer pressure. Of course, I agreed, and then called Crazy Friend #3 and convinced her to do it too. We’ll have to make team t-shirts. Maybe somebody can come up with a cute name: CHARM (Catholic Homeschooling Army wives who Run like Molasses)?

I counted the number of weeks to the race (more than 30), and decided to do Hal Higdon’s 8 week 5K training program, followed by his 8 week 10K training program, followed by his 10 week 15K training program. Today’s 1.5 mile run wasn’t too bad. I actually went about 1.75 miles because my foot didn’t start throbbing until then. I haven’t been able to run more than 2 miles since before Mary was born. Perhaps it will be a ten mile limp.

13 thoughts on “setting goals

  1. Perhaps plantar fasciitis?? If that's it, email me – I have all sorts of solutions for that, as I have struggled with it off and on for several years. They all work and it goes away completely – it just comes back sometimes.

  2. This crazy friend #4 is not going to participate! I will gladly cheer on the CHARM team from the roadside. Baby #5 is my excuse and I am sticking to it! Hope you are doing well…..Chrissy

  3. If you'd like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:

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  4. Kris, it's not plantar fasciitis. I did have that right after mary was born, but once I dropped 20 pounds, it went away, thank goodness. This pain is on the top of the foot.

    Chrissy, I think you're tasked with child care anyway, so we'll let you off the hook…this time…

  5. That's awesome!

    The 10 miler is one with bittersweet memories attached. A group of people I know run it in memory of a dear friend who lost his life in Iraq. He loved running the 10 miler and dragged my husband one year.

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  7. Do you need another crazy friend to run this…isn't it back up in the DC area? If so, I'm interested. I went jogging around the neighborhood the other day, and I certainly qualify for “running like molasses.”

  8. Yes! Count yourself in. And mark your calendar to register on the 1st of April.

  9. Good for you, Michelle, & your friends! I think CHARM is a cute name. I can picture a couple of sparkly charms on the shirts.

    Is Bill going to run?

    Can we come & watch? We'll be overdue for a trip to DC.

  10. awesome!! i will be setting some new goals for myself shortly. . . you know, once i actually get the baby out

  11. Fantastic! Perhaps there ought to be a “limp-along” for Catholic moms — everyone I talk to is either pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to battle the bulge a bit before Another Big Project with God. There could be “breastfeeding stations”, double the hydration, and older kids along the way to help push the double strollers.

    CHARM is a great name.

  12. Fortunately there will be no baby strollers in the race. I say this because I have enough to push along without a stroller. My husband (a former ATM and marathon runner) will have to man up with Crazy Friend #2's hubbie and watch our collective 12 kids.
    I think Crazy Friend #5 should get a ticket to the pasta dinner the night before and come carb load with us.
    As a former Army PT uniform wearing person I object to the CHARM shirt on principle. Can't we just wear the same large hair bow? 🙂
    Crazy Friend #1

  13. I've lost track, which crazy friend am I?

    If we all have “runner hair”, hair bows won't work. Can't we get matching tattoos or nose/bellybutton pierces?

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