Seeing Green

Savannah residents take St. Patrick’s Day very seriously.

Baseball practice: canceled.

Ballet: canceled.

Even the Army was giving “training holidays” (a.k.a. bonus vacation days) to soldiers. Not my soldier, of course. But he is heading home, and it isn’t yet 5 PM. Wow!

I ran to the grocery store, almost surprised to find it open. Mary and I were the only people there not wearing green.

6 thoughts on “Seeing Green

  1. not wearing green, huh?
    yes, savannah really does go all out for this day – and they're not celebrating the saint or Christianity 😉

    i heard on the radio today that savannah is going to make some cut-backs on next year's festivities. 'bout time! LOL

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. NOT wearing green? *gasp*

  3. The funny thing is that most of the Irish left Savannah a long time ago. I hear it's a great time though.

  4. I didn't wear green either. I just went out of my way not to wear orange, despite the fact that my only spring jacket is orange and it was really too chilly out to go jacketless here in Michigan.

  5. Katie, that's funny – avoiding the orange color. We had a visitor from the netherlands who gave the kids an orange blow-up crown, which was cute. Of course, even though I'm not particularly Irish, I hated that Protestant orange color.

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