Back in August, I made reservations for us to vacation at Myrtle Beach this week. I did not know at the time that we would be in the middle of a PCS. Thank goodness SC is between VA and GA.

We are staying in a 3 bedroom cottage that is owned by Wyndham resorts. It is gorgeous. After a week of eating leftovers, take out, drive thru, or sponging off generous friends, I was thrilled to go to the grocery store last night for food for the week to cook in a real kitchen and to eat off real dinnerware.

I made the arrangements for the cottage via the Armed Forces Vacation Club. If you are military, I highly recommend it. I think the place was $400 for the week, and they routinely offer $300 per week specials if you have flexibility. I paid for it when I made the reservation, so it feels like we’re staying for free.

This place would be fabulous in the summer, but the quiet, low-key atmosphere is perfect for us right now. The only thing missing is my husband who is in GA waiting for the truck to show up. He should return tomorrow.

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