Saying goodbye…

…is easier when you are leaving for new adventures.

EasiER. But not easy.

My consolation:

1. I would not have these friends if we didn’t move around.

2. The Internet makes staying in touch convenient.

3. It’s a small world and we shall meet again.

Changing subjects (because that’s how I deal with my emotions), Myrtle Beach is supposed to be cold and rainy this weekend, but Northern Virginia is supposed to get 6″ or more snow. I got out just in time.

The truck has not exploded, but the driver can’t find a crew for Sunday, so we’ll have to wait until Monday for our stuff. I’ll be lounging in SC, but our family vacation gets cut even shorter. Oh, well. Knew things couldn’t go 100% according to my plan.

5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye…

  1. It is much easier being the one saying goodbye but, like you said, not easy.

    Have a great trip down!

  2. My friend, Tia, is doing a Polar Plunge in Myrtle Beach today to raise money for the Special Olympics. Guess she's going to really earn her money this time. At least you're at the beach even if it is cold.

  3. What's on at the cinema?

  4. If you ever want a lovely (and cheap) vacation in Maine we have our guest apartment at the ready.

    I'll miss you Michelle, but I'm sure we will see each other again.

    Not kidding about Maine: fields, woods, lakes, 6 kids to play with, mosquitos, washer/dryer…

  5. Hope the move IN goes smoothly!

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