My husband, the pessimist (he calls himself a “realist”), always expects our moves to be a disaster.

I, the optimist (he thinks I’m on drugs), always expect our moves to be smooth.

It’s halftime, and things are going so well that even I, the optimist (or druggie, depending on who is talking), wonder if things aren’t too good to be true.

I have NEVER heard a good story about moving. There’s always SOMETHING. The biggest complaint I have so far is that WE have so much stuff it took them about ten hours to load the truck. They didn’t finish until about 6 pm. I was hungry and wanted dinner. Moan.

The truck wasn’t even scheduled to be here until today, so we’re already 24 hours ahead of schedule.

And normally when a truck departs, you are left with a dirty house. This time, however, I busted my rear end last week and moved furniture around to vacuum under and behind everything. On Monday and Tuesday, I was working behind and around the packer to wash floors, vacuum cobwebs, and wipe down kitchen cupboards. I had a lady scheduled to come clean my kitchen and bathrooms yesterday afternoon and did not cancel her when the truck got moved up. By the time she finished those, they had removed the last of our things to be loaded, so she was able to sweep the floor that had been under our bookshelves and give a nice mopping of the living space. Meanwhile, I did touch up vacuuming on the rugs, and the last thing loaded on the truck was my Dyson. The truck pulled away from a clean house.

And that’s as perfect as it gets.

OK, so my back is killing me, I boxed everybody’s pillows forgetting we would need them for camping in the empty house, and I fear I will forget the laundry in the dryer. It’s still perfect.

And that’s why even I, the optimist (Pollyanna), am certain the truck will explode en route.

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  1. Did I tell you about our friends in Italy whose stuff was all destroyed when the truck caught on fire outside their house? (they don't do annual inspections in Italy) 😉

    Buy some new pillows and relax, you deserve it for the amount of work you have put into this move. Good luck!

  2. 😀

    Praying the truck does not explode!

  3. I had the same thought! But since we're all speaking it out loud, I'm sure it will be fine! Just sacrifice to the moving gods and be glad it's going well.

  4. Hmmm… Did you keep your pictures with you? If so, and there aren't any family heirlooms in the truck, if it explodes, what do you really lose? (So long as the driver isn't hurt?)

    I'm just saying, you can't be more of an optimist than my 6 year old- he says the glass isn't empty; it's full of air. It's always good to think positive.

  5. Our final move here went like that. Though right after the moving van left, I did too. So the house was lovely for the new family and I was free to move forward. We didn't have six children instead it was one child (23 yr son) and myself as my husband was already teaching in the new location. My son and I had a great trip not even critical of each other's driving. As the children age up and no pregancy it seems everyone is more settled especially if you and Bill are. Have a safe and even fun family trip south. The weather this far south is fantastic. 70 in the day and cool at night and we're easily 5 more hours south of where you are going. God Bless you for a safe journey.

  6. Wow, I'm a realist who's married to an optimist who thinks I'm a pessimist, too. (Must be a trend.) I tell my husband all the time that optimists set themselves up for disappointment by thinking everything will work out just fine and when it doesn't they're caught off guard. Pessimists always expect the worst, but a realist is right there in the middle hoping for the best but keenly aware that everything could fall apart at any moment. Optimists don't see it, but there is a difference between a realist and a pessimist. Realists are the more optimistic of the two, they don't let their guard down and they don't toss in the towel.

    Hope everything goes well with the move.

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  8. Michelle, you crack me up. If it does, it'll be because of the can of Pam you snuck in there!

  9. Hooray for smooth moves!!!

    The truck won't explode. You'll just forget the laundry in the dryer. Not so bad!! 🙂

  10. Use large ziploc bags for pillows, two per pillow. Fill up half of one with air and seal. Put that bag into the second bag and fill that one all the way with air. I usually seal the bag almost all the way, put a straw in the end and blow air into the bag, then quick pull out the straw and seal the bag. These make great pillows and will last all night and don't take up any packing room.

  11. when do you start your journey to the new place?

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