On vacation

A few weeks ago, I learned the hard way that if I type a blog post on my iTouch I better post it before switching to another app. I didn’t do this, and lost the post. Hence, my post from earlier today which I did not have the time to proofread. I hope there are no errors.

Last Thursday, Bill took the older girls and the dog down to GA to get the keys to the house. I spent two days feeling like I was missing my left arm. Bill put the dog in a kennel and drove up here on Saturday with the girls. He left again last night. I miss him, of course, but there isn’t the same ominous absence as there is when one of the children is away.

After Bill left last night, I went to the bathroom. I was in there for 3 or 4 minutes and the whole time the kids were running around like lunatics. My only thought was gratitude that we weren’t in a hotel room, but rather a stand alone cottage.

When I came out, I headed in their direction to yell at them, but was stopped by the ringing of the cottage phone. I thought it was odd. It was the front desk wanting to be sure everything was ok. Seems they had received 4 phone calls in 2 minutes from our cottage with only screaming at our end.


6 thoughts on “On vacation

  1. I think I snorted some coffee up my nose at that last paragraph! I have SO been there!!!

  2. Michelle –

    If Fort Gordon is your destination in Georgia, join our downtown parish – Most Holy Trinity. Where ever you end up, welcome to the South!

    – Kelly

  3. LOL That's hilarious. I can totally say that as someone who that would happen to, and not being the one that it actually happened to. Thank you so much for making my morning happier by sharing.

  4. bwahaahahaha (wiping tears from my eyes)

  5. Ah ha !! Life with kids is never dull. and you worried about a moving van!

  6. Oh, that is hilarious! My own kids are still too young to dial the phone, but I remember getting up to antics like that with my own five siblings when we were young. 🙂

    Just wanted to give you a tip – I have an iPod touch too, and when I want to write a blog post, I write it in the Notes app, then copy and paste into the blogging app. That way if something goes wrong, I still have the text in the original note and can go back and get it again. This only works if you have the newer software with the copy and paste capability, though. (You can upgrade for $10.)

    I recently started reading your blog, and I am loving it! I went back and read the entry from when your husband returned from his deployment – it made me cry! And your family is just beautiful.

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