Who needs toys when you have feminine products?

We did a lot of driving yesterday, and Mary was expressing her displeasure by screaming. When she finally said, “Purse! Purse!” I happily handed over my mostly empty bag thinking that since my wallet was not inside it, there was little damage she could do.

Peace descended on the van for about five minutes.

When Mary started to fuss, I assumed, correctly, that Jenny had taken something from her. I sighed inwardly and wondered: why? why does she always have to annoy her younger siblings? Before I had a chance to chastise her, though, she inquired, “Can Mary play with this?”

I glanced back to see Jenny dangling an unwrapped (clean) tampon by the string. Yeah, OK, NO. Thanks, Jenny.

Note to self: clean out car (there is a tampon wrapper in there at a minimum). Clean out purse.

6 thoughts on “Who needs toys when you have feminine products?

  1. very funny. reminds me of a story from when I was in high school. remember when the tampon box used to come with a plastic tampon holder (it held two tampons) so you could put it in your purse? my friend was on a date with a new guy and somehow he saw that sticking out of her purse and asked her if it was a toothbrush holder. before she could grab it away from him, he had opened it and well, talk about embarassment — for her or him I don't know which was worse. she and I laughed out loud about it the following monday at school.

  2. When I saw the title, I traveled back in time to when I was 12 and hadn't had the monthly thing yet..but was eagerly anticipating it. We went to a cabin, as a family and my younger brother (age 2) was playing in the bedroom. For a long time, he was playing REALLY QUIETLY. I went in there and freaked out because he had gotten into my bag and stuck every panty liner (scented, to this day I can still remember that smell) all over the room and suitcases! I had brought the box “just in case” but never really needed it. So funny, how I was looking forward to it so much (thanks a lot, Judy Blume and Are You There, God? It's me, Margaret. Ugh.). I remember that my mom just laughed. I was mortified.
    If that happened to my daughter now? I would laugh my head off!

  3. That is too funny. I guess you can be happy none of the boys found it first because it would have become a flying projectile toy.

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