You might be a military wife if…

At the family homeschool dinner, one mom asked me how much longer it was going to be – meaning this deployment. Intently, I stared at her and said, above the tremendous din of 50 rambunctious children, “Right now, my husband is supposed to be sitting at an airfield in Afghanistan waiting for a plane that will bring him home.”

Several other women smiled politely and said, “Great!” and “Wonderful!” One women, someone I don’t really know, seemed more enthusiastic than the others. I suspect that she is or was military. My friend, the one who asked the question, scrunched her face and fought hard to avoid crying, and I, seeing her empathy, scrunched my face and fought hard to avoid crying. We both failed, and she got up and came over to hug me.

And I knew. Here is someone who has thought about me often and prayed for me often and felt my pain and is rejoicing with me now that the end is near. Here is a true friend. Not in action – that wasn’t really practical in this particular instance, but that’s okay. She, like so many of you who read this blog, has supported me spiritually these long months. And I am grateful to her, and to all of you. Thank you. I have felt your love. I have felt your prayers. Even on the hardest of days, I have not felt alone or abandoned or hopeless.

If all goes well, Bill will be home in about a week. And then a new journey begins. Reunions are difficult, and this one comes with an interstate move and a new, challenging job for my husband. I am counting on your continued prayers, dear friends. For now, though, let’s just get this man home to me.

22 thoughts on “You might be a military wife if…

  1. Congratulations! I have read your blog for many months as my husband, too, is overseas. I am glad your husband is on his way home to you and your family and I wish you all a blessed Christmas.

  2. Oh Michelle….You have such a gift of sharing the love and rawness of being a military family! I have been blessed to know you. Know that even though I rarely comment, I read, and pray for you! Praying through your next big transition and especially Bill's safe return!

  3. Michelle,
    What a wonderful gift, your husband home, and safe. You, Bill and the kids remain in our prayers. Be sure to thank Bill for all of us. He has given us the gift of self, as have you and the kids given up much this year. I for one am a grateful American for his service, and to all who serve in this seemingly never-ending war. I have a friend whose son leaves on 12/15 (not sure Iraq vs Afghanistan) for an extended tour, leaving behind a wife and 10 week old daughter. So many sacrifice so much for the rest of us. We can never repay this debt. Merry Christmas to you Michelle and to your lovely family.

  4. Oh, Michelle, the tears are welling up. I am so. very. happy. for you all…
    Love and prayers…

  5. Soon… We're praying for a safe (and on time) flight, and that all goes well.

  6. Yeah! Michelle Im so happy for you! I've kept up with your blog and Pat and I are so happy for you, Bill and the kids.
    Love Jenny

  7. Thank you. You, your husband and children sacrifice so much. I'm so glad that husband and Daddy is on his way home. Praying for you all.

  8. Continued prayers for safe timely travel and for the major transitions too. Have a very blessed Christmas season.

  9. Oh Michele that is wonderful! I will be praying for his safe travels. You are almost there!!

  10. Michelle –
    I welled up when I saw Bill post on Facebook. I'm happy for you, Bill and the kids. You will remain in my prayers. The next bit is tough, but as you have shown in the past, you can weather the change as a family, as a couple and as a incredibly strong woman. I admire you and all who give of themselves like you and Bill.
    God Bless and happy holidays.

  11. Amen!!! What a wonderful Christmas present! I am so happy for you. More prayers for getting life back to “normal” with ease.

    Merry Christmas!

    (We may be needing similar prayers sent our way…)

  12. Definitely, the prayers will continue–in particular at Mass later today. My prayers will be offered for a safe journey home for Bill and an easy “re-entry” into your family life, as well as blessings on your move to a new place and his new job.

    I can't even begin to express the gratitude that my family has for families like yours that have sacrificed time with their husband and Daddy while he worked in service to our country.

    (Oh, and a big YES on “let's get together for coffee during Christmas! I'll email you phone numbers, etc.)

  13. Hey! New Reader here! I was set here by reader Kris 🙂

    Praying for you, your LONG journey to hear, and your faith and hope for the road ahead. I'm glad you feel the community of believers with you!

    God Bless! And yes, let the tears flow.

    Much love!

  14. I am overjoyed for your family! My prayers will continue for your family upon Bill's return home and your upcoming transition.

    Michelle~~~wife of retired army soldier and now an army mom

  15. Congratulations! We have been praying for all of you. We will continue to do so and Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  16. Michelle, I don't know why, but your blog always makes me cry – even when I'm not a hormonal preggo! 🙂 Well, actually I do have an inkling why you tend to make me laugh or cry or both. Not only do you have a way with words, but you're honest, too. Thank you for that.

    I'm so thankful your man is on his way home. I'm praying for you all.

    I know you have lots of changes ahead of you, but I'm selfishly glad you'll soon be in my neck of the woods!!! 🙂

    Peace & Prayers,

  17. JMJ
    Been there and done that, but the bonds that tie us military wives can never be severed. Bill, you and your children are in our daily prayers. Thanks be to God Bill is on his way home. What a sweet Christmas this year will be! Hugs and prayers to you all. -Tanti-

  18. Oh that is exciting! I'm so happy for you all.

  19. Very much looking forward to hearing of Bill's arrival home. I really look forward to meeting you one day Michelle. Be it here or there.

  20. Praying for soon return and easy move! I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas! Thanks to both of you and your children for your sacrifice…
    – Deb Schnell Plebani (Finally got married!!!)

  21. This post keeps coming back to me. Doesn't it amaze you how you can live with a huge chunk of your mind half a world away? And realizing the for everyone else, life goes on as usual. It's surreal.

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