Fa-la-la Bad Haiku Festival 2009

Laura loves bad poetry of the haiku variety. Enter her contest to win dubious accolades and bragging rights as bad poet.

My haikus follow. The pictures are not as good as the one I used to snatch the Yuktoberfest crown of victory in 2008, but that photo was one in a million.

Contest ends today. May the worst poet win.
Little Reindeer Girl

How your siblings tease
And torture you for giggles
Oh, they love you so.

(photo by brother Fritz)

Behind Mother’s Back

Aw! I’m tellin’ Mom!
She is gonna tan your hide!
Lemme have a sip…

(photo by Aunt Barb)

9 thoughts on “Fa-la-la Bad Haiku Festival 2009

  1. When Mary saw the last picture, she said, “Oh! Jenny's drinking Daddy's drink!” Amusing, since she hasn't seen her dad drink anything for over 5 months.

    And she thinks the photo of her is just wonderful. “Me!” she says.

  2. I just laughed a belly laugh.

  3. LOL! The pictures are perfect!!

  4. oh my gosh. the second haiku and photo are absolutely hilarious. you are going to win with that one! also the one of little guy and the toilet is excellent. no wonder you won that one. you are good.

  5. LOVE that second photo!

  6. Little Reindeer Girl…too, too cute!

  7. Great Haikus! I don't know what was more entertaining — the pictures or the haikus. The look on the tattletale's face is priceless!


  8. Oh, my gosh, these are hilarious — words and pictures!

  9. Okay, I know I already had a runny nose, but snot FLEW at that one! LOVE it!

    Well-played, and well-deserved!

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