I won! I won!

It’s always nice to have your lousy poetry appreciated. I especially like it when someone makes up a category just so you can get recognition.

My haiku about children drinking behind their mother’s back wins for BEST TWISTED PARENT HUMOR. Isn’t that great?

The competition was fierce, and I highly recommend checking out the other haikus.

3 thoughts on “I won! I won!

  1. hellooooooo — did I tell you you would win for that one???? yep. it was awesome. congratulations.

  2. Congratulations 😉

  3. Ahhh, that's great. We have the funniest picture of our daughter at about age 2. She is in one of those clip-to-the-table chairs and in front of her is our friend's beer bottle. The photo just happened to catch her with the funniest look on her face. She looks like she's had about 2 beers already and is thoroughly enjoying the 3rd. I could never show it to my folks as they are strict non-drinkers. Oh, but it is funny. LOVE your winning entry.

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