Naptime with Sandra Boynton

Me: A cow says moo, a sheep says baa…(snip)…it’s quiet now. What do you say?

Mary: More!



And again.

And again for 7 minutes straight (I estimate the book takes 15 seconds to read).


Me: A cow says moo, a sheep says baa…(snip)…it’s quiet now. What do you say?

Mary: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

9 thoughts on “Naptime with Sandra Boynton

  1. I love that book. It was one of the first books my oldest daughter really seemed to enjoy. Sandra Boynton is a favorite in our house. I'm currently reading Pajama Time every night, but Bob the reindeer is probably my favorite Boynton story and character.

  2. ooo, I don't know Bob the reindeer. Will have to look ino that for Christmas.

    My oldest son loved Snoozers. My youngest son loved Personal Penguin. I love them all.

  3. Snuggle Puppy and Barnyard Dance are favorites with my 2 year old. We love her books over here.

    Saying extra prayers for your husband's safety and for your family.

  4. thanks, Beth.

    Philadelphia Chickens (with audio CD) is the BEST.

  5. We are big Boynton fans here!

    BTW…love your new look!!!

  6. just wanted to say that i love the new blog design 😉

  7. LOVE the Boynton! Big Brother was a big fan of “Head to Toes…and in between” or something like that (hey, he's 17 and has been reading for himself for quite some time now!) The one I loved the best was “But Not the Hippopotamus!”

  8. Love, love, LOVED that book. It was one of our favourites. Had it fully memorized back then.

    That and Cat in the Hat.

    (Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. My heart goes out to you. And such rotten timing too.)

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