Cleanliness is next to obsessive-compulsive

Please tell me I’m not the only person out there who has a strong urge to clean closets before having a party.

I mean, it’s possible, isn’t it, that someone will open my locked bedroom door, sneak past the unfriendly guard dog, and go rummaging in my closet for a spare, I don’t know, pair of shoes to borrow, and think ill of me that my sewing projects are heaped in a pile behind that closed door?

And what is up with the need to clean a house before a party anyway? I’m going to have forty people – more than half of them under the age of 12 – passing through my house. And the weather isn’t looking very pleasant for Saturday. Will anybody even be able to see the floor in that crowd? And if they did, could they really distinguish between the crushed pretzel that just happened and the crumbs from last night’s dinner? And how clean will my bathroom look after the first hour?

OK. Enough blogging. I have to go sweep the garage.

12 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to obsessive-compulsive

  1. I can relate. I will clean the insides of the A/C vents (Who would look there?), the insides of the cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen, vacuum under the couches and vacuum all of the couch cushions and pillows. I drive myself insane cleaning the house before a party and once the party is over I get to clean the house again. My husband tells me all the time to have the party with the house the way it normally is and to clean like a crazy person when they all go home. He may have a point.

  2. I'm totally with you on the floors thing! I always feel like I'm not ready for a party unless I clean the floors (though it's likely true that they need it!) even though I know they'll be so covered with people in a short time that no one could possibly notice them.

  3. One of my girlfriends always tells me, “You're the only one who notices.”

    I've learned to clean floors after and not before parties. It really is a waste of time.

  4. Isn't that why you have a party? To clean areas that wouldn't normally, b/c once you start, you have a deadline and you feel so empowered when you can do those things that somebody *may* see!

  5. LOL!
    My s-i-l is coming tomorrow, and sonehow I decided it was imperative that I go through the girls' clothes and organize them according to size and season.

    Garage? Uh oh, I feel an urge coming on…

  6. WOW, arent you a go getter!

  7. On Saturday, ask us about the master bedroom & master bath before Matty's friend Marije arrived. I'll have pictures of the whole house.

  8. Mabye it is a male thing, but I come to enjoy your company, plus that of your children and friends. i have no intention of inspecting the house, (I am not responsible for it, nor do I intend to buy it). However I am acguainted with the phenomenon. (See mom R post).

  9. I'm a surface cleaner only, and I don't think I've ever gotten the urge to clean a closet – company coming or no.

    Enjoy the party!

  10. I am so there with you. I find it necessary to re-organize the linen closet and clean the crumbs out of the silverware drawer. I'm especially prone to clearing out the pantry and throwing out old frozen food. WHY??? Apparently a party is my version of spring cleaning?!

    Just so you know….I am totally going to be on the lookout for unfinished sewing projects at your house this weekend 😉

  11. I'm with you! I use the company as an excuse to do the things that I notice and don't like to do — besides each group of company makes me attack different things. Our son and his family will be here for Thanksgiving. Our Den has become a collection room, so great reason to “redecorate”. For six years I have been trying to get a new floor in. Maybe now?

  12. I do the same thing!

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