Talk to the hand

I can’t leave Peter in his room after Mary falls asleep, because he will wake her up. Instead, he goes on my bed, which is right near my computer, and he putters around for 10 or 15 minutes (usually) before he falls asleep. I relocate him later.

Sometimes, he doesn’t feel like going to sleep and he’ll keep coming out of the room behind me to “tell me some-fing.” Without even looking up from the computer, I’ll put up my hand in a universally understood “HALT” sign and tell him to go back to bed.

A few nights ago, he came out with this drawing and asked me to put an “M” for Mommy above one of his characters. He explained he hadn’t had time to finish it, so it doesn’t have all the children in the picture. But it does have DAD, and he labeled Dad all by himself much to my surprise. Which one is Mom? The one with the BIG HAND.

8 thoughts on “Talk to the hand

  1. That is too funny; but I also imagine it stung a bit. kids!

    Interestingly – my kids consider that UNIVERSALLY understood sign as a mere suggestion (to be ignored)…. maybe my hands aren't quite big enough….

    Congrats on your win from my small treasures ~ what fun!!

  2. You must spend a fortune on nail polish.


  3. That is HILARIOUS! Thanks for an excellent laugh this morning!

  4. ROFL! That is just way too cute. Did you mail the picture to Bill?

  5. I can totoally relate to how children see these things. I am surprised by their insights sometimes too.
    God Bless

  6. This made me laugh out loud. Drug my husband over to the computer. He wasn't as amused as I was, but still thought it funny.

    I love how you have, what, seven fingers. Impressive.

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