Training for the Olympics – Track and Field

My husband is sending me pictures from Afghanistan.

I think he only sent me this one because he isn’t at that facility any more. Either that or the heat has gotten to his head.

Save this kind for when you come home safely, dear.

5 thoughts on “Training for the Olympics – Track and Field

  1. Point well taken! Are we sure he is getting enough electrolytes?!

  2. Oh.
    Nice…..did you laugh like I am (though I know I shouldn't?)

  3. Morbid humor works better when you're not actually in the sniper zone.

    What's hysterical is that he sent it to me. Sometimes I think he forgets that I'm his wife and not just his best friend.

  4. Actually, morbid humor AROSE from the “sniper zone”. Because when you're in the middle of hell, if you don't laugh at it, you give in to despair.

    And sorry, I know it's not funny to you, but I find it hilarious.

    Praying for you, and for him, your whole family!

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