Maybe they should just let the people vote about whether or not they want female clergy:

Anglican ordination of women leads to two types of Communion at cathedral

An Anglican cathedral is trying to accommodate those of its faithful who do not accept female clergy by allowing parishioners to decide whether to accept communion bread blessed by its female canon or by a male priest.

So we’ve got Catholics and Orthodox who use the Bible and tradition. We’ve got Bible-alone Protestants. Now we get doctrine-by-poll. Women priests? Take a vote! Homosexual bishops? Polls are now open! Is it wrong to cheat on your taxes? It was yesterday, but the latest Zogby results say it’s okay (just don’t get caught).

The practice was attacked by Sally Barnes of the Anglican feminist group Women and the Church. She said it was “unacceptable and disgraceful” to turn communion into “a buffet.”

No, Sally, it’s not a buffet, it’s a cafeteria.

2 thoughts on “Lunacy

  1. It's all about the easy way out and protecting everyone from everything. Parents don't want to be parents; teachers raised in the 60's & 70's don't want to learn their subjects, especially English & History; if we just have peace at any price, we won't have to endure any pain; if we abolish any kind of competition, there will be no hurt feelings; if we don't grow up, we won't have to deal with the difficulties of adult life. Just go bury our heads in the sand and suck our thumbs and we will be protected from any reality – until that reality kicks us in our exposed derriere's. Then we will all die of apoplexy because we never learned to handle all this stuff! It's enough to break one's brain just thinking about all the idiocy!

  2. Is it wrong I'm giggling at thinking about what the two lines are called?

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