Proudly Meeting Minimum Standards

Katie: Mommy, I think we’re pretty good kids, because we haven’t set the house on fire.

I’m not making this up.

9 thoughts on “Proudly Meeting Minimum Standards

  1. Bwahahahahahha.
    She's got a point.

  2. Doesn't she get a prize for that?

  3. Great, now I have coffee coming out my nose!!

  4. That is so funny.

    Ew, Sarah! I can see that!

  5. Oops, that last comment was actually from me. Winglet Driver is my dear hubby's handle. 🙂

  6. ROFL!!!

    She does have a point. Perhaps you should tell her that by her logic you're a pretty good mom, because you haven't sold them to the gypsies?


  7. LOL She and Dominic should get along great!

  8. did you give her a cookie too?

  9. So if they DO set fire to the house then what? Can you sell them to the gypsies?
    My father routinely told the five of us that we were just under his care until they could find a nice Korean family to take us. He also put me in a box outside our apartment (stairwell in Germany) to go to my grandmother's house (in Colorado) with some graham crackers, my bear and a blanket. It was fun for about five minutes. I was probably four. I remember my dad laughing and my mom saying, “Steve. It's NOT funny. Get her in the house.”
    My daughter said that the errand I wanted my husband to run was a good way for him to “earn his keep.” I still haven't told him she said that. But I am still laughing.

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