Him: This is some car. I like this car. I could go places in this car.
Her: Uh, Mom, I could use some help.

Him: Maybe if I try the “Look over there” distraction technique, she won’t notice if I climb in with her.
Her: What the…?

Him: Okay, here’s the deal. I want this car. You’re just going to have to get out.

Her: Oh, yeah? Make me!
Him: Okay, you asked for it.
Her: The Force has failed me.

(Note to Joseph’s Mom: the last picture was taken 5 minutes later after she got out all on her own. It was his turn fair and square.)

4 thoughts on “CarJacking

  1. That's funny. Great captions!

  2. That's great. I especially like her having a light saber. Typical.

  3. LOL! I'm glad his mother is raising him to be such a gentleman!

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