July seems to be the month of goodbyes

On Thursday, I had two families over. My friend, Rachel, and her family were moving to Kansas the next day, so this was a goodbye party.

Rachel and I met in 2006, and the following summer we sadly moved away (to Kansas). Being able to see them again was the number one reason I was happy to return to this area in 2008. Now it’s their turn to move.

As they left our house Thursday night, there was much wailing. This is the thing I hate most about the Army life. But as I reminded us all, the Army brought us together, too.

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

– Tennyson

It will be easier on me, since Rachel and I can email and blog to stay in touch. The kids will have to write letters for now, but maybe in a few years, they’ll be Facebooking. I suggested to Billy that they all go to West Point together. It has the wheels in his mind churning.

The treadmill makes an excellent blacktop for car racing.

Taking a break from Jedi training.
There are times Jenny is a huge help.
No camera shy kiddos here.
Dirt is all little boys really need.

Farewell, my friend. You will have a great time in Kansas. We shall see each other again, I’m sure. Let me know when you pick a place to retire, and I’ll buy the house next door.

2 thoughts on “July seems to be the month of goodbyes

  1. Family goodbyes are never easy. I didn't even realize Rachel was moving. I wish I had gotten to know her better—she has such a beautiful family—and they are such sweet kids!!!

    Thank goodness for email and blogs!

  2. Oh my goodness, that was a tough goodbye. The drive has been…really really slow. We finally made it to St. Louis tonight and I was reviewing your post. I noted that you started by describing everyone as being “crabby.” We are either “crabby” or a “forced cheerful.” I'm sure Bill has had better birthdays.

    Tomorrow is the Arch and Kansas. I'm trying to get postcards so the kids can send letters….

    I'm praying for you! Thanks for watching the kids the other day. 17 kids in the house at once beats all the records I know!

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