Sweet Little Old Lady – not.

Katie: Mommy, how old do you have to be to get a credit card?

Me: Old enough to have a job to pay for it.

Katie: Do YOU have a job?

My 1st thought: Grrrrrrrr……

My 2nd thought: No, I have a Sugar Daddy.

One day, when my kids are adults, I’m going to actually say some of these things I think. They may go into shock, since I’ll have spent 20 years or more blandly answering their questions. Maybe they’ll blog about their crazy old mom. They’ll claim mental degeneration, but we’ll know it’s just my true colors finally coming through.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Little Old Lady – not.

  1. I have a feeling that all of your kids are going to have your fun sense of humor when they are adults.
    What if you kept a..”Things I wanted to say to you journal.”
    And, later, when you are enjoying tasty beverages with your adult children, you can share.

  2. Too funny. It'd be really funny if you said it now.

    “Mom, what's a Sugar Daddy?” – try explaining that one.

    “Mom, so if you have candy (Sugar Daddy) you get a credit card?”

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