Chant CD

My friend Rachel’s brother is a priest, and he lives at St. Michael’s Abbey in Orange County, California. The Abbey is releasing a new chant CD, called Anthology, due out on February 10th.

Here is a YouTube audio sample.

And you can buy it here or here or here.

They also have a Christmas CD.

4 thoughts on “Chant CD

  1. hi,just passing thru the blogospere…i was going to buy the MASTERS OF CHANT…but i think i’ll get this CD..blessings to you and yours from Cape Breton Island

  2. I love playing chants while my students are writing. At first they groan and then they find it soothes them.

  3. What heavenly music. Laura, I love the idea of playing chants while students are writing. Sounds like a great idea.

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