Republican is the New Punk

My sister sent me this link. I’m surprised Bill didn’t see it first…or maybe he did, but yesterday was just a really busy crazy day.

…The arts have failed. They no longer keep mass culture in check with thought-provoking art that challenges the establishment. Now they’re in charge of spreading the mainstream mandate of the Liberal Vatican. There isn’t an original thought among them, just a thousand-mile stare, a blue logo and the drone-like vocabulary of emotive, vaguely inspiring chants.

We’re the new rebellion against the majority juggernaut that doesn’t take kindly to dissent. Make a fist and show them what happens when they tell you what to think, feel and believe.

If you want me to unite to your cause, then end abortion, give the people back the money they earned, fight terror, keep your hands off free speech on the radio and enable job creators to make more jobs. Until then, screw your hope and screw your change.

2 thoughts on “Republican is the New Punk

  1. John pointed this out to me not even an hour ago…and then he put on the Ramones for us to rock out to.

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