On the Fashion Runway…

I look back at childhood photos and wonder what my mom was thinking in her selection of my clothing. I don’t care that all the other children were wearing bell bottoms and polyester and brown and orange, she should have been able to rise above the chaff, right?

I am certain that my own children will do the same thing. For the record, I neither selected nor approved this outfit. This child has her own fashion sense, and I take no responsibility for her “look.”

And this one, who is increasingly difficult to capture in a decent photo (“Mary, stop moving!”)…well, let’s just say that I’m glad this underwear is clean. And I’m doubly glad it isn’t mine.

6 thoughts on “On the Fashion Runway…

  1. young girls really do have their own fashion sense dont they! luckily my girls dont argue too much when i say ‘nope, we are leaving the house and you arent going out looking like that. go change. ‘r

  2. the only reason she could dress like this is because we weren’t going anywhere. there will come a day when I embarrass my children. right now, though, it’s only them embarrassing me.

  3. I think Jenny and Charlotte will find they have much in common…pink, tall colorful socks, and a love of boots. Cute!

  4. That’s a fantastic skirt!

  5. I often tell Maggie (6), “You can NOT wear that out in public! Striped shirts and striped pants do not go together!” In our house I quote Eloise when one of the kids does what your Mary did, “Kleenex/underwear/shirts makes a very good hat.”

  6. Jenny and Peach have the same taste. From your comments it looks like a trend. She’s so darned cute though — love the socks!

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