Games children play

My children have a lot of games they like to play in the car.

First, there is the “punch buggy” game. I had never heard of this until I met my husband, and by then I was too old to find it amusing. My husband thinks it’s a fine game, and he taught it to the kids.

Next, they added the license plate game. Shout out the state of any non-Virginia license plate you see. Today they had to hash out the rules over the D.C. plates they see. “It’s not a state,” argued one boy. “And we live in the D.C. area,” argued the other. So, I guess D.C. plates are out.

The newest game is vehicle identification. Not normal cars, of course, but who can be the first to spot the other things on the roads?

My favorite game is the one using Obama campaign signs for target practice with their imaginary guns and other weapons. I don’t know where they come up with this stuff.

They play ALL these games at the same time. I don’t know if they keep score or not. So, on the way home this morning from Bill’s office, this is what I heard:

“Truck! Taxi! Truck!”
“Punch buggy green!”
“Fire fighters!” {Hail Mary, full of grace…}
“I already called that one.
“The yellow one?”
“Oh. Bus!”

Then as we approach the median whose grass is obscured by the two dozen blue signs planted in it…

“Everybody! Get ready to fire!” (That was Katie.)

And when we were close enough, the van erupted in a cacaphony of noises which my scant skills in onomatopoeia cannot do justice.

9 thoughts on “Games children play

  1. Funny!!My kids also play the Punch Buggy Game. That’ll leave a mark when they’re as old as my Big Kids are.The rule in my van is “Nobody Hits the Driver.”

  2. My Dh taught the kids “Slug Bug” as he calls it, and they have added one where you punch for an out of state license plate.I like the alphabet on road signs one, unless you are stuck with “q”

  3. Funny…I, too, have had the urge to “shoot” little blue signs as I drive past them.

  4. We have got to hang out…my kids would love your kids. They have learned well, shooting the blue signs. 🙂

  5. My dh drives a Jeep so our family made up a new car game, “Beep, Beep, I see a Jeep!” Even the 2 year old can ID one, but he calls it a “beep.”

  6. My fantasies about shooting political signs involve flaming arrows a la <>Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves<>. But mostly I just sigh and shake my head…We did Slug Bug too…being the youngest, I was usually the one getting hit…

  7. we had slug bug (as others have noted) but if you call a slug bug someone else already called then that person gets to hit you again. love onomatopoeia….one of my favorite words!r

  8. Oh, you should try for the onomatopoeia!The other day we were walking past a display with Obama and McCain dolls, and I “accidentally” knocked over an Obama doll so the McCain doll was the only one standing.Just a little fun…but my boys thought it was funny.

  9. My nephews were playing Punch Buggy in my car’s backseat and they were socking the DAYLIGHTS out of each other.Nice.

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