Time to celebrate

I think Hell Month is just about ended. It was a doozy.

Bill drove himself to work today, and managed just fine. I will no longer need to take him to and from physical therapy three mornings a week.

The boys’ last fencing class was today, and the academy is not continuing their weekday, morning lessons. They begin their next session on Saturday at noon (and thank goodness, they will let Billy take the next level even though he is not yet 9). So, Saturdays are a bit crammed, but Thursdays are not. And Bill can drive (Praise the Lord, all you lands).

Tomorrow, Fritz should be mostly finished with Week 8, and the other kids will complete Week 7. We are 2 weeks off from where I planned to be, but I have to be happy with this. My van is really not a good classroom, and the kids have worked hard under bad conditions.

Right now, the house is mostly clean and tidy, and the classroom no longer looks like the enemy has targeted it with a propaganda leaflet drop. The dishes are almost done. Two out of three dirty clothes hampers are empty, and what is clean and dry is folded. The washer and the dryer are busy with more.

Even a big stressor of the month – filling the heating oil tank (or rather paying for the filling of the heating oil tank) miraculously resolved itself this morning when I reconciled my checking account and realized I hadn’t entered one of Bill’s travel reimbursements. The travel voucher covered the cost of the oil with some to spare.

Which is why I called Bill and suggested we finally “pay” the kids for their earned kids’ meals at whatever fast food joint is between here and his work. We haven’t eaten out in months, I think, (and I count take out as eating out), and the kids had been earning points to get their own meal with their own soda and their own toy for some time. I’m not sure what Bill and I will have, but as long as it’s not cooked by me, I’ll be happy.

Right now, life looks good.

5 thoughts on “Time to celebrate

  1. Ahhhh.Maybe you can steal a Calgon moment? (Or is that asking too much?)

  2. I still haven’t finished unpacking boxes and your schoolroom looks immaculate?Luckily I have a week or so to get it all squared away before you come visit!

  3. doesnt progress feel nice!?!r

  4. Whohooooooooooo! Thanks be to God!

  5. Laura – Calgon moment? Bill had one. For me, there’s no point. I can still hear the yelling…Kat – there is a world of difference between tidy and immaculate. Books put away is tidy. I’m still ignoring the carpet that needs vacuuming, the shelves that need dusting, and the cabinets that look much better closed than open.

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