The header is something I just threw together to make it match, but I really like my new background. So, click over from your feed reader and leave me a nice comment. I did use the tutorial from The Cutest Blog on the Block, but I did all the work myself. And I’ve sprained my shoulder patting myself on the back.

19 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. i love it! make me one!!r

  2. So very cute, Michelle.

  3. Looks great! She is too cute!

  4. Pretty! I really like the background!

  5. Impressive! I need to figure out all that technical, computer cra … er, uh … stuff. Ha, ha!

  6. Looks great—I love the brown!

  7. I’m going to hire you to fix mine up!

  8. Love it! The colors are beautiful.

  9. Nice autumn colors! I need to figure out how to do that, too. I like to change mine for the different seasons. I was thinking of an advent one with some advent candles at the top!

  10. I love this one! I especially love your header “Wear your cake and eat it too!” Perfect!

  11. I like it. I’ve been trying to find the site you suggested for tutorials. Thanks!

  12. It looks so good! You did a great job.

  13. Totally love it – great job!!!

  14. I really like this new blog look! Way to go!

  15. This is really great – I’m not a “brown” person, but I love this one – cool design, too.Mom R.

  16. very fall-ish, Michelle.I really need to spend some time over there….I want to do photos in my header again, but after that last tweak-fest, I am going to have to do some learnin.But I’d rather catch up on blogs.Ah, decisions, decisions.But your blog looks GREAT! 🙂

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