High-fiber dessert

Would you like to add some fiber to your diet? Years ago, when I was pregnant with Fritz (and therefore, being my first child, had the leisure to stand around the cereal aisle at the grocery store comparing labels for a half hour) I found myself in desperate need of, ahem, regularity. I scoped out every single cereal on the market and discovered that Fiber One was, by far, the most fiber-laden of all. Ten years later, there is some competition, but from what I’ve seen (sorry, I no longer have hours to spend looking at labels), Fiber One is still top dog.

The downside is that it looks like gerbil-food.

Fortunately, I don’t have a desperate need to eat the stuff. Bill had been eating it, and I stocked up the last time it went on sale. But then Bill tasted their Honey Clusters version. The Honey Clusters tastes infinitely better than the Original flavor and has almost as much fiber. Unfortunately, it also has high fructose corn syrup and other junk. Bill doesn’t care, but some people do. Me? I eat oatmeal now.

In any event, Bill’s been eating the Clusters and ignoring the two boxes of Original on the shelf. What to do?

Well, Fiber One helped me out by putting a Crunchy Fudge Cookie recipe on the box using two whole cups per batch! And you know what? Add enough sugar to something and it really isn’t tough to eat it. I only had one kid turn her dainty nose up at them. The rest begged for just one more (again and again and again). I don’t think I’ll have any trouble using the rest of the box. I mean, if health food tastes this good, how can I not make more?

In fact, when I started this post, there were four lonely cookies left. I wondered what I should do with four cookies. Six of us like them. They couldn’t be saved for another evening’s dessert – heavens! the squabbles. No, somebody must finish off those cookies to keep the peace. As I wrote this post, deeply considering how very little my family would appreciate the sacrifice should I choose to eat them all, but how, in the long run, it would perhaps be the right thing to do, Bill and then Peter wandered into the kitchen and noticed the cookies. Apparently, they had the same thoughts about how the cookies simply could not be left and that somebody needed to just eat them to save us all.

And so they did. My hips thank you, dearies.

5 thoughts on “High-fiber dessert

  1. ah, but the kids might not like those cookies so much tomorrow (or at least multiples of the cookies).and, just from the picture, it looks like a pile of worms. r

  2. I think it looks like a Gainesburger. (sp?)

  3. I just had had had to tell you that you have turned me onto the Gainsburger cereal. Every morning for the past two weeks my husband and I have been mixing it with Cheerios.So thank you for that fiberulous recommendation! (Our cholesteral levels thank you too.)

  4. Laura, don’t forget to try the brownies, too.

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