Six months old today


Pretty girls.

If I pinch you really hard will you quit with that flash already?

Yes, he does hold babies every now and then.

If I don’t look at him, he’ll go away, right?

She told you to stay, and if you don’t, my head is gonna hit that hard floor. So you better, or I’ll chase you mercilessly in about 4 or 5 months. Oh, who am I foolin’? I’ll chase you mercilessly in 4 or 5 months anyway.

11 thoughts on “Six months old today

  1. Well, happy half-birthday, baby girl!

  2. cute girls indeedyr

  3. Well, she is just WAY too cute. I’d let her pinch my face all she wanted. What a little sweetie pie.Little Brother still talks about the fun he had with your gang 🙂Happy half-birthday, Mary!

  4. Happy Birthday, pretty girl!

  5. Six months already! Wow!I love the last one with the dog, giggle.

  6. Totallytotallysweet. I was just thinking about you during one of my runs the other day. I was thinking about how it’s so weird that I’m not pregnant anymore and that so many of our blog friends are. Then, I thought about how it seems like just yesterday that YOU were pregnant with her and now, here she is all six months old and cute and everything. Amazing.

  7. Oh my gosh she’s huge! How time flies! She’s absolutely gorgeous! Happy birthday precious one!

  8. Happy six months, Mary!!!

  9. Amazing and awesome and praise God! She is adorable. Mwah!KM

  10. What adorable pictures. Happy first Half-birthday little one!

  11. Love the pictures! She is so cute!You all look so happy 🙂God Bless you all!

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