Birthday cards

It would be silly to purchase birthday cards when I have a whole bevy of artists right here. And if the recipient is a neighborhood kid, it’s really a waste of money to get a store-bought card. If I spend $3 on a card for my mother, I know it will spend at least a few days (weeks?) on display in her home. She will look at it at least twice (once when she gets it and once when she gets rid of it), and likely think some pleasant thoughts about me. Children only look at cards because their parents make them look at cards to see from whom the gift is.

At least I appreciate my children’s efforts.
Although the artwork is cute, what I really love about these cards is the generosity. Here, Fritz includes Peter in the “from.” We all know Peter can’t make a birthday card (at least not one that does the job of wishing a happy birthday and identifying the giver of the gift).

And this one says it’s from Katie. Billy drew the pictures and Katie colored them. What team work!

Last I saw, Billy’s card wasn’t done. He’ll spend days working on a “masterpiece.”

Jenny drew her own card, but somebody, probably Fritz, wrote the words. Can you identify Princess Leia with her blaster?

It’s evidence such as this that makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

5 thoughts on “Birthday cards

  1. So cute! I bet the kids have fun making them, and the people that receive them probably love them.

  2. I could never put those in the bin. They are too adorable! I have a soft spot for kid art anyway.

  3. Those are great cards! My kids have always loved it when their friends MAKE cards for them. They immediately want to tack them up on their bulletin boards.Middle Sister (who, if I recall, has the same actual first name as Jenny) used to make her J’s the same way too! So cute!And the Star Wars fans in this house would totally approve of the artwork on those cards. Hope the birthday boy likes them!

  4. Those are lovely gifts indeed.When my husband and I got married, we were given a picture drawn by his cousin who must have been about 7 (it is a pair of eagles and their eggs in a nest – the eagles are complete with the wheels for feet thing) and written on it (by his aunt) was “It isn’t always easy, but it sure is worth it” That remains framed in my bedroom.

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