Behind the power curve

So many people are almost done with their Christmas shopping. I thought I was doing well, since I had done lots of internet window shopping, but I’ve only actually bought one thing: a balance bike for Pete (we actually didn’t get a Skuut, we found a cheaper brand).

And I will buy a half dozen of these (here’s the one from Kansas). I consider them to be educational. Of course, by December 26th, I will probably regret my decision to make my house sound like a bird sanctuary.

3 thoughts on “Behind the power curve

  1. My resident ornithologist (age 8) LOVED these… he got three for Christmas last year, and still sleeps and plays with them. And really, they are not too annoying…. unless the 3 year old gets one and presses it constantly for 30 minutes straight… in which case we can explore the meaning of endangered species…🙂

  2. That Skuut is pretty cool, much better than training wheels. I think Dec. 24 would be a good day to start shopping.

  3. Check out my post re Christmas shopping…

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