Who are you…

…and what have you done with my sweet, cooperative two-year old?

My Petey used to give me hugs and kisses. When I ask you for a kiss, you say NO.

My Petey used to love to help clean up. When I suggest picking up toys, you say NO.

My Petey used to race to let the dog in or out of the house. When I ask you nicely to do this simple thing for me, you say NO.

My Petey used to go to bed or nap without too much complaint. When I tell you it’s time to go, you run and hide. When I catch you and put you in your room, you throw a fit and won’t stay in bed.

My Petey used to say please and thank you without prompting. When I gently remind you how to ask nicely, you stare at me defiantly.

My Petey used to move gently around the baby. When I ask you to stop climbing on the couch where I’m sitting with Mary, you start jumping harder.

My Petey used to follow cooperatively to different activities. But you have a repertoire of diversionary tactics I find hard to believe a mere two year old could conjure.

My Petey used to listen and obey when given a warning that his parents were wise to his intentions. But you feign innocence and claim to be “just walking” and not preparing to repeat improper behavior.

Who are you, little boy? Where is my Petey?

4 thoughts on “Who are you…

  1. Sibling jealousy perhaps? It’s hard on little ones when a new baby comes into the family. Hope things improve.

  2. I think it’s Petey’s evil twin. You know, you had two: Peter and Mosquiter. Could be sibling jealousy; could be the terrible twos. I’m beginning to think that small children like to say “NO” just to feel the power of it. (I actually had a therapist once suggest I try doing that: saying “NO” to something just because I could. I didn’t. Maybe I should have.)

  3. I read one time (when I only had ONE child) that the toddler doesn’t usually show jealousy toward the new baby…but after a few weeks TORTURES the PARENTS and then, after a few months, everything calms down again. Of course, you know all of that… but I think it’s funny that almost EVERY ONE of my children went through this exact cycle when a new baby came.(just because I’m prepared for it, doesn’t mean I LIKE it! I’m not looking forward to cranky Mari…she’s already got quite an attitude!)

  4. darling, you <>did<> name him peter. and peter <>damien<> no less. you knew he’d have to have at least a little devil in him with that name. 😀

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