Moderation by extremes

I have four weeks to lose the ten pounds I plan to gain for Christmas. Yes, I suppose I could just eat a balanced diet with smaller portions throughout the next month and the Christmas season and avoid weight gain altogether. But I don’t know how anyone could possibly adjust their diet to accommodate one glass of eggnog and three or four Christmas cookies unless you skip real meals and just eat the good stuff for a few days.

Even just this past holiday weekend where I never really overstuffed myself, I see the scales tipping precariously in the wrong direction. And so, despite the starving children throughout the world, I am going to retire the last few pieces of pie to the garbage can and begin a calorie awareness campaign here. It’s not a diet. No, those are strict regimens where you only eat grapefruit…or on day 2 you eat cabbage soup and one baked potato…or you eliminate whole food groups. The only food group I plan to eliminate is the “Yummy” food group. If it tastes good, don’t eat it.

It’s only four weeks.

Now I’m off to see if the instant oatmeal with maple and brown sugar is too “Yummy” for the calorie awareness police.

7 thoughts on “Moderation by extremes

  1. Just eat lots of those good-for-you food groups — you’re still eating for two! :o)

  2. You look so good! And this plan is a sort of balance which is totally my favorite word. (Current form of balance at my house–4 hours of homeschooling followed by 1 hour of complete neglect while I’m on the computer.)I’d say Bill’s eggnog is completely worth it–the mess and the calories! (Of course I don’t have to clean up the mess.) Have you tried Chocolate Peanut butter oatmeal?! Way yummy and from a “diet” book (Body for Life?). I got it off the Leanbutnotmean blog.

  3. You’re a nursing mom, it’s way to soon to be worrying about loosing weight…I think the oatmeal with a bit of sweetness is just fine…Besides sweetening up your diet will sweeten up the milk…and what baby couldn’t resist that? But I think I understand the bit of fear of too much holiday sweets. Just eat a nice healthy new mommy diet…lots of good foods, and don’t “diet.” You look great and I don’t think you need to worry about it.

  4. I like your approach. I find it hard to lose any weight the first three months while nursing. Then, it gets a bit easier. But, the holiday season doesn’t help either. You look fantastic. I wish I looked that good six weeks after having a baby. 😉

  5. If it helps you relax about your weight I don’t expect you to beat me in the Army 10 miler in September. (likely I won’t be in it, but up in Maine then) Relax! You are not supposed to worry about such things with a 6 week old baby. However, I did follow some post-partum diet book I picked up at the library- basically lots of carbs and veggies and go light on the sweets, just what is sounds like you are planning. Drink lots of water, but don’t starve yourself, sneak a small sweet daily… Exercise is the only way I got the weight off after baby #3,4,and 5. Just don’t overdo, especially as you are still recovering and sleep deprived. Chin up, you look great! 🙂

  6. Doesn’t nursing take care of all that? Sheesh. You’re plenty skinny!I am powerless over the yummy foods. Plus I am shorter than you. And older. I’m pretty ready to give up–but I am contemplating asking TheDad to get me a Gazelle thingy for Christmas. I’d be shamed enough by the expense to actually use it.

  7. Bill and I are checking eBay for used treadmills. Exercise is really what I long to be doing, but even going for a walk with baby in sling (what I did after Pete was born) is dicey with the cold weather. My hope is that I can sneak in 10 minute runs here and there.And, yes, all I’m really avoiding are desserts and the thousand calories of half-eaten food left by my children.

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