Something for everyone

After my last post, my sister sent me a link to where you can search “pregnant” and have over 16 thousand different designs on 284,000 products displayed. If you like shirts with things written on them, this is the place to shop. I don’t agree with every sentiment, but the humor here was much better than the shirts found at Amazon.

There are shirts for expectant dads, expectant grandparents, expectant aunts and uncles, and expectant older siblings. There are shirts for “paper pregnancies” – those awaiting adoption (even expectant paper pregnancy grandparent shirts). There are pro-breastfeeding shirts, pro-homebirth shirts, pro-vegetarian shirts and other pro-whatever lifestyle shirts.

Some of my favorites (not necessarily that I would wear, but that I find amusing):

This Is What Happens When You Party Naked

Do Not Taunt the Cranky Pregnant Woman

Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?

Yes, Actually, I Did Swallow a Watermelon
Watermelon Smuggler
No words on this one, just a funny graphic

It’s Not Over Until the Fat Lady Screams (for dads)

My Husband Came Home From Afghanistan, and All I Got Was Pregnant
See What Deployment Does

I Am Not a Budda, Do Not Rub My Belly
Back Away From the Bump
Hands Off the Belly

Yes, I’m Pregnant. It’s a Boy/Girl. I’m Due in May/June/July.

Yes, I’m Pregnant Again. Yes, I Know What Causes It. No, I Don’t Have Too Many.

What Happens in Las Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Las Vegas

I’m Pregnant…What’s Your Excuse?

Designated Driver (aka Knocked Up)

2 thoughts on “Something for everyone

  1. Bwahahahahahahhaah – there are some great ones!

  2. I saw one that said “Birth control is for sissies” I laughed, but wouldn’t wear it, since I really do try not to be confrontational. But still…

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