New Month’s Resolution for June

I am so glad it is finally June. May was a tough one.

Not that June will be much better! Next week is jam-packed, there is one long weekend we’ll be out of state, and then the movers come. Somehow, I’ve got to get this house organized, cleaned and pared down in between doctor’s appointments, parties and the Scout overnighter.

I could resolve to relax: take a few minutes every day to rest, have a cup of lemonade, read a book, maybe take a bath. Ain’t gonna happen. Recently I actually happened to be watching TV that wasn’t geared for preschoolers, and I saw a commercial for a drug for “restless leg” syndrome. First it showed a woman unable to fall asleep; next it showed the same woman, presumably having received an appropriate dosage, reclining on a lounge chair doing a crossword puzzle. I’m sure there are plenty of drugs (legal and illegal) that would give me a certain level of apathy enabling me to do a crossword puzzle this month. But my guess is that they’re not safe for pregnant women. Instead, I’ll just forget about taking it easy this month.

Besides my full plate, there is one thing I’d really like to do. Last Christmas I made stockings for soldiers and sold them for a handy profit. I have a ton of fabric remaining and would like to do it again this year. With the baby coming in October, there is no way I’d reasonably think I could do that in November. It must be done before the baby comes. If I do it in stages, it shouldn’t overwhelm my schedule, or so I theorize.

So this month, I am going to take that fabric and cut it into stockings shapes. That’s it. I think it’s only perhaps 4 or 5 hours of labor all told, but I’ll break it up into 20 or 30 minutes sessions. And with school finishing up today, the dining room table will be available at no inconvenience to anybody.

What is your new month’s resolution? Little goals only! Save the big goals for a new year; for a new month just pick one small thing that you want to do, and tell me about it.

4 thoughts on “New Month’s Resolution for June

  1. Small goals only? Ha!! We must finish up loose ends in school…start cataloging all of my boks at Library Thing…help Doug fix our 40 feet of deck rail…have the carpets and furniture steam cleaned…clean up the playroom that has been ignored for a month…I could go one forever! No bubble baths here either — only strong coffee. Summer break? Not for mamas!

  2. I am having a hard time coming up with a realistic resolution this month as I know that we will be travelling for three weeks of it! I have thought this over all day and nothing small yet! I’ll keep you posted if I come up with anything!

  3. I would like to spend at least 30 minutes a day in my studio working on icons. That, and 15 minutes a day working with my eight year old on his reading. That, and a daily walk, not just when I can fit it in. Sounds like my resolution is to get a summer routine in place.

  4. I posted about my own New Month Resolution (keeping the dining room table cleared off)-just click my name. 🙂

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