Memory Lapses?

Every so often, Bill and I have the following conversation:

Me: I’ve never seen that movie.

Bill: Yes, you did. We saw it together. Don’t you remember {this scene} or when the guy {does this}?

Me: No. Really. I have never seen this movie.

Bill: You saw the movie, Michelle. I remember we went out for ice cream afterwards.

Me: No. I have never seen this movie. That was your other wife you took.

Today, it was Gross Pointe Blank. I know the premise of the movie, but I swear I never saw it. It came out in 1997, which is pre-children. It’s possible that I saw the movie. It’s possible that I completely put it out of my mind, like one of my old telephone numbers or addresses.

Bill has been somewhat at a loss since the only classical music station in the DC area was bought out and went to a “we’ll play whatever we feel like playing” format. A PBS station has begun playing classical music for part of the day, but last night it was doing Jim Lehrer’s news program instead. He was scanning the radio waves and came across Blister in the Sun which brought back memories of being really young, really carefree and “spinning” (dancing) until the wee hours of the morn with his really young, really carefree girlfriend (moi).

Ah, youth.

We couldn’t remember the name of the band (The Violent Femmes), but the internet is oh so helpful in providing answers instantaneously. We came across this video with scenes from and references to Gross Pointe Blank, a movie I have never seen. Really. I think. I’ll add the movie to my Netflix Queue, we’ll watch it, and then we’ll have the following conversation afterward:

Me: Hmmm. It seemed vaguely familiar, but I really don’t remember seeing it before.

Bill: You did see it. Don’t you remember I left the lights on in the car and had to get a jump from that old man in the blue Ford Taurus who served in the Korean War and had 5 kids, 20 grandkids and the next day was his wife’s birthday and he was at the mall buying her a diamond bracelet like she always wanted and they could never afford? Remember?

Me: Seriously, when did you have time to lead a double life?

I have started a movie log. From this point forward, at least, I will be able to clearly know which movies I have and have not seen. This won’t help me much in recalling details from days that happened 10 or 15 years ago – Bill and I go back to late 1989 (oh, gosh, is it seventeen years already?) – but by 2020 I’ll be prepared to defend my “I didn’t see it” claims with a list of titles.

10 thoughts on “Memory Lapses?

  1. We do the exact same thing! Only I can’t always remember the movies we saw just a couple of months ago. I keep checking the same ones out of the library, Davey keeps saying, “We already saw that one!” I keep saying, “No we didn’t.” And then I pop it in and have to admit that, yes, I do remember now.

    Oh well. Mommy brain.

  2. Yeah, mommy brain. Honestly in 2020, the conversation will be like this:

    Me: I’ve never seen this movie.

    Bill: Yes, you have. See, right here in the log: February 2007, Gross Pointe Blank. We watched it for the second time having seen it already in 1997. You even blogged about it!

    Me: I blogged about planning to see it. Not that I actually saw it.

    Bill: But the log, Michelle.

    Me: Yeah? Well…um…I…I…I must have fallen asleep!

  3. ~I found your blog today. I am a Catholic homeschooling mom, and military wife as well. Yesterday my husband and I were talking about me starting my own blog since I love to write and he thinks I am “just so funny” (my quote, not his). Anyway, I am in the process of thinking of a title and setting some rules for my blog-and I just wanted to stop by and say “hi” to you and hope that you will read mine as I will return and read yours!

  4. Very funny.

    I do the same thing, and to be fair, so does my husband. But for his memory lapses it’s more:

    Me: “I told you that already….”
    Him: “No, you didn’t”


    We started dating early on too, back in 1991, I was 19, he was 20…. we were just reminiscing last night about all the fun places we went to in California during those courtship years.
    (smiley sigh)

  5. I am so glad that I am not the only one that does this! My husband and I go through the same dialogue, except I don’t think I can blame “mommy brain” because I was doing this while we were still dating!

  6. Seriously, when did you have time to lead a double life?

    This is priceless! I might have to use this line when my husband and I have a very similar (and regular) conversation. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. I do a book log, because of similar experiences with books (I once read a 1000+ book to discover at the end I’d read it before, much to my husband’s annoyance because he kept telling me I’d read it before).

    And, I LOVE the Violent Femmes.

  8. Hum, the type of conversation sounds familiar…however, most of the time my husband is talking about a movie he watch while in Iraq with his buddies and only imagined I must have seen too…Yeah, cause I got to watch so many adult movies, and went to the theater so often (ah, never) while he was away. LOL.

  9. It works this exact same way with me and my hubs with one, teeny little difference…I am the one who remembers random, stupid factiods about life and other people’s lives. I am the one who remembers not only the movie, but where we were when we saw it, and who we were with and which children we had at the time. I’m constantly telling him what he saw and didn’t see, what he did and didn’t do. I swear that man would be wandering around in a loony bin if it weren’t for me. He’d be picked up right quick and they would diagnose him with long-term memory loss disease. He doesn’t have a very good short-term either, now that I think about it. Maybe all of this is why he stayed with me for all of these years, he must forget that he really doesn’t like me all that much because I’m always there to remind him that I am the best thing that ever happened to him. Hahaha!

  10. Susanna, that’s what I said about Gross Pointe Blank: you watched it in Kosovo. Even pre-kids we didn’t go to the movies that often, but he watched tons of movies while in Kosovo – new and old. I don’t think I watched a single non-“family” movie while he was gone. Time? By the time the kids were in bed, I was exhausted.

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