Wearing aprons and building bridges

Go, Kitchen Madonna! This girlfriend has an article up at Catholic Exchange about wearing aprons. I confess, my apron hangs on the hook far too often. My friend, Rachel, always has her apron on when I stop over, and it’s just so darn practical. I really must start an apron-wearing habit. From KM’s article:

And go ahead, on Career Day at your local school, invite a girl over to see what your life is like. She most likely will have no idea how to hold a baby or how to make a stew or how to bake a casserole to take to a bereaved family or how soft your apron is for drying tears.

This made me laugh! At least once or twice a year, I get mail from my alma mater requesting assistance in finding internships for engineering students (I earned a BS in Civil Engineering). Of course, the mailing is intended for alumni who work for businesses that allow career-shadowing for a short period of time or who hire students to get some good work experience during the summer or for a semester. I am always tempted to offer a shadow-job to any of the female students who want to see how my engineering degree is being put to good use: building skyscrapers and bridges from Legos, explaining reinforcement techniques of Playmobile castle walls, and making sure that Thomas train track is intricate but doesn’t get trains stuck in a one-way loop.

It’s a tough job, my job, and awfully intimidating to a twenty-something girl with blueprints in her eyes. But perhaps if she spent a week or two shadowing me, she might be encouraged to give it a try!

4 thoughts on “Wearing aprons and building bridges

  1. If I am on a major housekeeping blitz the apron is on. I need those big pockets! As I pick up pencils, legos, papers, etc. they can go into the pockets and are put away next time I pass their “home”. If there are no pockets, its not a real apron.

    Also, my training as a doctor is well-used here at home. Of course sometimes the kids are not so sure. It is much tougher to fake an illness and get a day off school. Just saying you don’t feel well doesn’t cut it. And if you add in too many symptoms, I start in with the diagnostic exam that isn’t worth staying home for.

    I’ve posted my apron pictures and musings here.

  2. I think she’d be encouraged and inspired. Just think how subversive in a traditional sort of way it would be if you offered to have a girl come over for Career Day. I double dog dare you to ! LOL

  3. I am not an apron-wearer (never have been), but I had to laugh at how you are putting your engineering degree to work. As I make my student loan payment every month, the one that financed the MBA that is being put to use managing the grocery budget and the PTA books, I grumble just a little at the inefficiency of it all. But I’m still glad I did it. There’s nothing wrong with being a well-educated career mom!

  4. I love aprons too! I have quite a collection. I had a nice plain pink one (with Victoria’s Secret embroidered along the top–wonder where THAT came from) but I gave it to my dear friend who has six small children. My favorite is a nice provencal-looking print that goes well with any color t-shirt underneath. My mother-in-law sends them to me…hmmm..wonder what that says about our relationship? (actually she is wonderful and I am so blessed to have her).
    You are right on target about Career Day. I attended a small private girls’ Catholic school that is very proud of the achievements of its alumnae. One year they invited me back to talk about “Careers in Law”…one of the first things I said to the girls was don’t be so blinded by your zeal for the law that you don’t take the time to figure out how you want your family life to be.
    But 17 year olds often are not thinking about that. I am humbly grateful that God put me here to raise my children, especially my older boy who has a disability. I have used my legal training in ways I never dreamed of, advocating for him with the board of education and fighting to get the services he needs. We are in a good situation now. Yes I would love to have a “shadow” sometime!
    maybe I’ll suggest it.

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