Banana who?

If you think the knock-knock joke with the punchline “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again?” is bad enough, how about listening to two boys debate back and forth how many times you should say “banana” before you say “orange”?

Fritz: You should say it twice. Listen: Knockknockwhostherebananabananawho Knockknockwhostherebananabananawho Knockknockwhosthereorangeorangewho orangeyougladIdidntsaybananaagain?

Billy: No, no. It’s better if you say banana three times. Like this: Knockknockwhostherebananabananawho Knockknockwhostherebananabananawho Knockknockwhostherebananabananawho Knockknockwhosthereorangeorangewho orangeyougladIdidntsaybananaagain?

And so on. If I hadn’t already lost my mind years ago, surely, surely this would send me over the edge!

3 thoughts on “Banana who?

  1. Yeah, that’s an annoying joke. My kids say banana something like eight times. I’m sorry I ever told them that one!

  2. OMGosh!!!

    That has been making the rounds (again) in our home lately. In fact, my 2 yr old just did her own rendition, only saying the banana part once (thank goodness) and then her last line goes something like:
    “orange gobblety goo banana? ha ha ha!”

  3. Been there, done that :).

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