Just count to ten ten times

Katie: Mommy, may I have some milk?

Me: Just a minute, honey.

Katie: (on the verge of crying) But I’m thirsty, Mommy!

Me: You can wait a minute.

Katie: (with scrunched up face and tremoring voice) Noooo, Mommy, a minute is toooo loooong.

Me: Katie, I just want to finish this. Count to one hundred, and I’ll be done.

Katie: (almost wailing) But I don’t know how to count to one hundred!

Oh, yeah.

One thought on “Just count to ten ten times

  1. You know, sometimes when I am in the middle of exactly that kind of discussion, I realize that by this time I could have gotten the glass of milk and been back at what I was doing. If 90 other things hadn’t distracted me on the way back from the fridge.Sigh.

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